How to Clean Your Baby's Hair No Shampoo

How to Clean Your Baby's Hair No Shampoo

The backstory:

When Holly was born and we came home from the hospital I gave her, her first bath. It was really simple and straight to the point (this is my third kid). Afterwards, as I was breastfeeding her I was brushing her hair with the little sponge brush combo they give you at the hospital and I noticed she had flakes om her scalp known as cradle cap. Long story short I looked into some different gentle shampoos. I started with Shea Moisture for babies and then switched to Burts Bees baby shampoo for various reasons. However, her scalp was still flaking. So then I stopped using shampoo altogether and I started oil rinsing with coconut oil. 

The how to:

While in the tub, or sink I wet her hair with warm water. Then I take a nickel size amount of coconut oil and I melt it by rubbing my hands together and then I massage it onto her scalp. I also focus on her cradle cap areas and the back of her head where he hair tends to be dry. I let it sit while I was her body and then I rinse her hair with water. That is it. I do this every time I give her a bath.

You can use castor oil, jojoba oil, olive oil etc. Just be sure to keep it light on the amount and test it to make sure your baby is not allergic. 

After her hair has air dried I put on her bonnet for nap time or bedtime.

For a Visual: 





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