About Us

Curly Boo Satin Bonnet
Curly Boo is a family-run business dedicated to deliver affordable quality satin hair care fit for the whole family. 
As a mom of two curly haired boys, I made sure to have them sleep on satin pillowcases.  In 2018 I had given birth to my daughter and I was in love with the idea of us having matching satin bonnets. However, I was unable to find many options available. What I did find required a new bonnet size ever three months to fit her head and I wasn't interested in that. At one point I had even stitched a bonnet to make it small enough to fit her head. 
At the beginning of 2019 my brother suggested I have them made and make them available to others and so that is how Curly Boo came to be! I found someone who could make double layer satin bonnets with a drawstring and the rest is history. Now my daughter can wear her bonnet and it will grow with her.
I am a licensed cosmetologist with a degree in Sociology from Huston-Tillotson University. My goal is to help educate and advocate for self care, hair care and family.